Expertly Crafted Videos & Animations for Novi, MI Businesses

When working with businesses in Novi, Kohlitz Animation and Video Production seamlessly blends creativity with strategy. We are a video production studio specializing in corporate video and animation for local businesses. Founded in 2011 by Shannon Kohlitz, a proud Michigan graduate, our mission is to increase the visual storytelling capabilities of companies across the state.

We craft compelling, tailored content for our clients in the Novi market. Whether you seek animations for social media platforms or corporate videos, our experienced team transforms your vision into eye-catching masterpieces. As a Michigan-based company, we understand the local business environment, aiming to help you stand out through impactful video marketing and corporate training videos.

Increase your Novi presence—contact Kohlitz Animation and Video Production today. Let us collaboratively shape and amplify your brand narrative through expert videography, animation, and creative storytelling. Your success is our priority, and we're here to turn your ideas into visually compelling realities.

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Creative Storytelling: The World of Animation Production

Our experienced production team channels boundless creativity, transforming animation into a gateway for unparalleled storytelling. Animated videos are dynamic vessels for conveying ideas that prove advantageous in technology, education, digital marketing, and manufacturing. You can see your ideas come alive with animated explainer videos or a blend of live-action and motion graphics. Our collaborative effort for your online video includes vibrancy in your message.

In post-production, our skilled experts craft mesmerizing visual effects, increasing the impact of the final professional video. When clarity is challenging, animation unravels abstract ideas, transforming them into visually digestible messages. Animation is a potent tool for visualizing complicated concepts that are difficult to explain verbally.

The magic of animation caters to a diverse audience seeking concise engagement. Social media marketing and the creation of professional explainer videos find their match with motion graphics. Animation ensures your narrative immerses and resonates across various platforms.

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Creating Videos for Impactful Narratives & Brand Promotion in Novi

Kohlitz Animation and Video Production improves the messaging of Novi businesses through our video production services. Beyond grasping your brand identity and video marketing strategy, our collaboration ensures quality from conceptualization to post-production. Our team crafts videos and authentic stories that resonate with your target audience.

We deliver impactful narratives, leaving a lasting impression on the Novi community. Work with us to make your ideas a reality, creating personalized brand videos for your marketing strategy. Whether showcasing products with flair or crafting genuine testimonial videos, we make a lasting impact through compelling storytelling.

Our product videos effectively convey your message to attract potential southeastern Michigan customers. Let us help you build trust, increase conversion rates, and address the pain points of your marketing campaign through the power of video storytelling.

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Beyond Video Ads: Offering Corporate Training Videos, Videos for Manufacturing & Education, Animated Explainers & More

At Kohlitz, we excel in corporate and explainer video production. Our team specializes in crafting videos and animations that don't just deliver the information but ensure that your target audience retains it. Recognizing the pivotal role of videos in training, education, and showcasing a company's achievements, we create content that informs and captivates your target market.

In business, effective communication hinges on blending information with entertainment. Engaging videos that seamlessly convey your message are crucial. Beyond traditional formats, we integrate captivating motion graphics into our productions, improving the learning experience. The fusion of graphics and information ensures that our videos not only facilitate comprehension but also aid in retaining essential messages.

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Michigan's Widest Range of Video Production Expertise!

Kohlitz crafts concise and creative web videos that embody your company's ideals. Our portfolio proudly displays our finest work, demonstrating how we captivate, educate, and entertain audiences throughout Michigan. Employing a mixture of live-action footage, graphics, animation, compelling storytelling, and expert editing, each video provides impactful and visually stunning content. We imprint a lasting impression on viewers, underscoring our commitment to excellence evident in every frame.

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Who Is Shannon Kohlitz? Female-Owned Video Production Company

Leveraging 12+ years of expertise, Shannon Kohlitz spearheads Kohlitz in Michigan, delivering exceptional video production and animation services. With a diverse clientele spanning technology, academics, medicine, manufacturing, and more, Shannon's work distinguishes itself through humor, clean graphics, and an innovative approach.

A 2011 BFA graduate from the University of Michigan and a dedicated marathon runner, Shannon balances her artistic and athletic pursuits. Under her leadership, Kohlitz offers captivating visuals that entertain, inspire, and educate audiences from Detroit, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio. Kohlitz integrates video, animation, and illustration into a cohesive and impactful creative process.

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Collaborate Closely with Kohlitz Animation & Video Production in Novi, MI!

At Kohlitz, we are devoted to delivering a multimedia experience that breaks boundaries. Our video ads and animations are powerful narratives with compelling calls to action, traversing diverse platforms. This ensures your brand resonates across the digital landscape, from your website to YouTube.

Each video is an expert creation tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it's engaging corporate training videos communicating your business ideals or animated explanations showcasing cutting-edge technology, the Kohlitz team is ready to bring your vision to life.

We create custom content beyond the digital sphere, including a blend of video and motion graphics artfully crafted to commemorate your company's milestones. The possibilities are boundless when you embark on your video production journey with Kohlitz.

Ready to increase your brand's presence and engagement? Contact Kohlitz today, and let's explore the possibilities that await your brand in multimedia storytelling.

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