Well-Crafted Video Marketing Strategies in Ann Arbor, MI

As a proud University of Michigan alumnus, our owner Shannon Kohlitz saw no issue starting her video production company here in Tree Town. Kohlitz Animation and Video Production is excited to offer video production products and services to local businesses throughout Ann Arbor. Our team aims to help our neighbors grow their businesses through eye-catching video marketing campaigns or train their employees through entertaining, informative corporate videos.

When searching for video marketing services in Ann Arbor, you must place your trust in a company that understands the surrounding market. As both a Michigan alumnus and a longtime resident of Ann Arbor, Kohlitz understands what your potential customers are looking for. Contact our team today to attract more Wolverines and Ann Arbor residents to your business.

Check out the list below to see some of the many types of corporate videos Kohlitz has done for past clients.

  • Explainer Videos
  • Case Study Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Feature Explainer
  • Commercial Ads
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Product Reviews
  • Live Talk
  • Brand Stories
  • Educational Videos
  • Announcement Videos
  • App Videos

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Brand Video Production Committed to Ann Arbor

Kohlitz Animation and Video Production want to help local Ann Arbor businesses grow their marketing efforts through high-quality video marketing that truly captures their target audience. We work directly with each company using a clear process that allows us to understand you and your goals. Using our method, we've helped businesses across the community grow, and we're excited to help you as well.

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Not Just Video Marketing! We Also Offer Training Videos, Videos for Education, Animated Explainers, and More

While marketing videos are undoubtedly a strong point for Kohlitz Animation and Video Production, it's not the only service we specialize in. Our team provides corporate and explainer video production services to businesses to help create entertaining yet informative training videos for internal use, training, and more. Videos are also commonly used for education, inspiring people to act, and highlighting a company's achievements.

In today's modern world, studies have shown that video content is used in most companies' training procedures nationwide. But using them is one thing; having the information sink in is another. A video is only as good as its content and entertainment factor. Let's face it: employees will only retain information from a video that they find interesting. That's why our team ensures our videos are informative and captivating enough to get your point across.

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It's time to create a video or animation with Kohlitz. Our videos contain an intriguing call to action and fit among multiple video platforms, whether for your own website or YouTube. Contact Kohlitz today to get started!

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